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Tabass-co has a bunch of live sets, listen to them below... Ideal for your get-together party!

We play Latin, Jazz, Funk, Ska, Boogaloo, Brasil, Teen Beat, Northern Soul, Balkan, Exotica, Reggae, Rare Grooves, Afro and much more ...

Afro Beatz

Bitch Breaks

Fonky Jizz

Girls, Organs and some World Funk'd Flavas

Jizzy Jazz II

Just a little bit of everything

Lets Roll with some Funk

Moussa Magic Floor Mix

Recovery Medicine

Slammer Shakes Da Soul

Tabass-co Live I Live

Tabass-co Mix

This is Tabas & Co

Zweven is Leven




Tabass-Co is a snazzy DJ collective spinning old and new vinyl at any location or occasion you can imagine. We have played at a great variety of places and parties, both nationally and internationally.

About Us

Our collective consists of 3 DJ' and a Sax player, each of them adding a unique sound of his own ranging from Afro, Funk, Latin, Brazil, Jazz to Nu Grooves and Broken Beats. This results in a tight yet very diverse sound with one common demeanor: It’s always very, very danceable.


The massive collection of vinyl we share amongst each other makes sure that our sound is always fresh and surprising. For the upcoming season this means that you will have to keep your eye out for us; we'll be playing all over the place so make sure not to miss it!